The first Qredo Hackathon was held over a long, hectic, exhilarating and code-filled two days at CodeNode in London last weekend. The challenge we set to the attendees was simple, but demanding: see what great apps you can build with the Qredo SDK over the course of two days. We were thrilled with the results.

The theme of the weekend was “it’s all about the code” and we promised that the event would be practical, fun and free of PowerPoint presentations, just the Qredo team working with the attendees every step of the way.

This was the first time anyone had got their hands on the Qredo SDK, so we began with a quick introduction to what Qredo is all about and then gave everyone time to form teams, come up with ideas and get their projects started.

Putting a new SDK into the hands of developers for the first time is always an exciting and yet potentially stressful experience. We were looking for feedback: how easy is the APIs to use, do we introduce the concepts clearly, how good is the documentation and sample code ? And as the attendees worked on their code, feedback we certainly got, most of it positive, some bugs found (and squashed by the quick working development team) and some suggestions for improvements, to be added to our list. But at the end of the first day the projects were taking shape.

The great thing about CodeNode and one reason we chose it as a venue, is that it offers lots of fun spaces to work in. The attendees took full advantage, working on sofas, taking a break between coding sessions with games of table tennis, table football or video games. After all, if you’re going to spend a weekend coding, you need to unwind too. The environment certainly produced results.

As a very tired, but encouraged dev team left the venue, we were looking forward to what the next day would bring and what apps we would see at the end of it.

To see what happened on day 2 and what apps were built, read the next blog post here.